UX and Business

A quick comment on Smashing Magazine’s post:

UX designers need to understand what the business needs and environment within which they are working. In fact, UX designers need to gain a deep insight into all the aspects of the business that can ultimately impact the experience. If you craft a great experience, but it can’t be maintained, runs too slow, or isn’t relevant, what good is it? How many of you have gone back to a site you designed and cringed.

I think it’s also important to consider technology as an equal partner to business and user experience. This is especially true when designing within a large enterprise. What does the business need, what does the user want to do, and what is the best approach to achieve the aforementioned goals in a reasonable timeframe? How buildable is it?

While I believe it’s true that UX designers can lose their way, so too can the business. When a business focuses too heavily on the bottom line, often they forget that they exist to provide value to customers. When a business is healthy and well managed, its goals should not be too different than those of the UX designer. Provide value to your customers and users.

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