• dfc

    Design for Complexity

    1: Create relationships. 2: Learn. 3: Get data. 4: Partner. 5: Define. 6: Plan. 7: Compare. 8: Architect. 9: Design. 10: Rinse and repeat. 11: Validate. 12: Build. 13: Maintain.


The logic of estimating

We estimate all of our projects and the process never seems to work that well.


My Wedding Invites

Here are the invites I designed for my wedding. The shape was inspired by an invite I found on the web that I have since lost track of.


Stilllife in America

An iteractive, photographic journey through America.


Harmony Prelude

Prelude allows agents to quote, print and be happy.



Here is hoping that the only ice storm we have is the one on this page.

WPF: who does what

Getting started with WPF, XAML and Blend.

I have a good friend whose company is starting to consider WPF as the future platform upon which they are going to build their software. They have a nice grid of pros and cons and the long and short of it is that the scales are weighted toward WPF (if only slightly). The designers feel […]