Harmony Prelude

The process of creating rate-sheets for Agents to give to Employers and Brokers was tedious, time consuming and ran the risk of being out of compliance. I was asked to design an tool that developers could build, agents could use and customers could understand. By working closely with a tight-knit team, I was able to design an approach that would leverage quote screens out of Harmony (our existing enrollment system) which dramatically lessened the work and made for a very maintainable system. The system was built with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), XAML and FO.NET. The tools allows you to quote a product, save the quote in a collection, order the quotes and the collection by drag and drop. While developing the tool, I saw opportunities to expand Prelude’s usefulness with very little extra work. One way to do this was to create an on screen quick quote and the other was to be able to create a quote-sheet so that an employee would be able to save the quote or share it with a spouse.

  • Business owner for the application
  • Created the architecture and wireframes
  • Creative Directed the project
  • Implemented the XAML

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